Fred Smith – Dust of Uruzgan – Winter Theatre Tour
Fred Smith presents songs from the album Dust of Uruzgan in a show complemented by a stunning series of projected photographs from Afghanistan.
Fred worked in southern Afghanistan for two years. His album and show, Dust of Uruzgan, are going a long way to giving the public a sense of what it was like for the 20,000 Australians who have served in Afghanistan over the last 12 years: The hardships, the mateship, the sacrifices, frustrations, laughter, tears and the “endless f#%*ing dust!”
“An exceptional songwriter and certainly the equal of Bogle, Walker and Schumann… a cycle of songs that are raw, remarkably honest and suitably ambivalent about the nature of war…offers an intimate perspective on the war in Afghanistan.”
Bruce Elder, Sydney Morning Herald ‘Review of the Week’
“Finely observed snapshots of a harsh, sad and funny reality, laced with an optimism that is probably the mark of the man…In concert he has a knack for balancing drama and humour …towering artistic achievement: truth”      
John Shand Sydney Morning Herald, November 2013
Tour Dates – Dust of Uruzgan Theatre Tour 2014