Foundation Programs

The Foundation has a range of current and planned programs, through which it will broaden its support to the families and dependants of our Sappers.

These programs will particularly focus on wounded soldiers and dependants of those killed in action. The valuable and ongoing support of our Partners will maintain these programs and allow the Foundation to develop more in the future.

You can read more about the current programs below. 

The Monash Program


An Australian soldier and his explosive detection dog cross a river during a clearance patrol of the Mirabad Valley, Afghanistan, with soldiers from the Afghan National Army. The Afghan National Army (ANA), supported by Australian soldiers from Mentoring Task Force Three (MTF3) recently planned and carried out a clearance operation in the Mirabad Valley. The ANA’s 4th Brigade drew on the expertise of the Townsville-based Alpha Company, 2nd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment, stationed at Patrol Base Wali, to plan and conduct the operation with the Afghan National Police. Photo by Petty Officer Damian Pawlenko 1st Joint Public Affairs Unit

The Monash Program is named after General Sir John Monash, who was appointed to command the Australian Corps in June 1918. General Monash led his Australians through a series of victorious actions until the end of the First World War and was regarded as one of, if not the most successful British Empire commanders of that war. He was also a renowned civil engineer and a forceful spokesman for returned soldiers after WWI.

The Monash Program provides grants, interest free loans, referrals to agencies and other forms of welfare support for Sappers and their families affected by the tragedies of military service.

The Program focuses on supporting our wounded beyond that provided by government and other agencies. We also look to support the dependants of those Sappers killed or wounded in the service of their nation.


Monash Program Recipients

  • SPR Jim Kane (SME) – received funding support for emergency travel to extended family during a time of family crisis and death that wouldn’t otherwise have been funded.
  • Tom Florence, the son of MAJ Brian Florence (dec) had the purchase of a computer funded when he commenced university studies. Tom is counted by DVA as a war orphan, but the RAE Foundations was able to support where other agencies could not.
  •  SPR Daniel Jackson (3 CER) received funding to purchase door handles and other devices in his home to assist his mobility. Daniel was wounded in mortar attack in MEAO, losing part of his hand. The modifications were installed by 3 CER.
  • CPL Aaron Rankin (SME) received funds to support family medical expenses, noting that the family had already paid expenses of around $20,000 to date. This support was delivered through the Foundation’s partnership with Interlink Roads.
  • The Foundation has also funded instances of family travel to visit Sappers undergoing medical treatment.

Heritage Grants Program


Australian Engineers from Mentoring Task Force – Three search an abandoned building in Musazai for insurgent weapon caches and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) . Image by: Corporal Raymond Vance.

Heritage Grants are provided to individuals or organisations to research and produce military engineering-related heritage documents. Examples have included the multi-volume Royal Australian Engineer Corps History, where a Foundation Heritage Grant assisted with realising Vol IV of the Corps History.

Successful applicants must provide their research results and subsequent publications for sale through the RAE Corps Shop. Other potential commercial opportunities can be discussed during the application process.


2013 Heritage Grants

  • Assisted in the publication of the 1 Fd Sqn History. This is now available for purchase through the RAE Corps Shop

Skilling The Sapper Program


Australian 1st Reconstruction Task Force soldiers chat with one of the local Afghan doctors about the progress of work on the Tarin Kowt Hospital upgrade project. Photo By: Corporal (CPL) Ricky Fuller

The Skilling the Sapper Program fosters professional development opportunities related to the field of Military Engineering for current serving Sappers.

These development opportunities would involve civilian courses that have application(s) to military engineering. Where attendance on one of these courses has benefits for the soldier, their trade or the wider Corps, the Program can assist with getting the soldier onto that course.

Attendance on the courses can either be at the invitation of relevant industry bodies, or as identified by the individual.

As well as funding attendance at these courses, the program will provide directed funding to assist with travel and meal costs for the course.

Applications will be individually considered on their respective merits.

Warrior Workforce Program


Afghan National Army soldiers are instructed by Australian Combat Engineers on how to detect explosives during a practical phase of their Explosive Hazards Reduction Course at Multi National Base – Tarin Kot, Afghanistan. Weapons Intelligence is a new element to the Explosive Hazards Reduction Course conducted for Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) in Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan. The course is an important step in providing Afghan forces with the necessary skills to maintain and enhance the improving security environment in Uruzgan Province. ADF troops are deployed to Afghanistan as part of Operation Slipper, the ADF contribution to countering international terrorism and providing training and mentoring to the ANSF as they prepare to take responsibility for lead security in Uruzgan Province.

Warrior Workforce is a partnership between Industry the Corps to provide training and employment opportunities to our Sappers who are no longer able to serve in the military, as a result of wounds or injury.

Warrior Workforce seeks to identify potential employment and skills development opportunities in the private sector for Sappers who have been medically discharged from service. The individual skills and aptitudes of Sappers in the program will be matched with industry needs and opportunities, so that the right people are provided with the most appropriate training or employment opportunities.

The Program is directed towards supporting our Warriors through a re-skilling training environment. Ideally, it will embrace existing training programs within an organisation that can offer employment at the successful completion of the training.

Although the program is not restricted to engineering related organisations, the unique skills of Sappers may lead to wider opportunities within engineering-related organisations. Nonetheless, the Foundation encourages any interested organisation to show their support by entering into this partnership.

In close cooperation with the Foundation, industry partners could provide wounded and injured Sappers with opportunities to realise their post-service potential. Industry would benefit from gaining motivated and skilled employees with considerable skills and abilities.

Organisations interested in developing this partnership program can contact the Foundation for more information.


Warrior Workforce Partners

QinetiQ Australia

QintetiQ is a leading provider of impartial engineering and technical services services to Australia’s Defence Community. Underpinned by leading technology services and solutions to defence, mining, energy and aviation; few companies posses such a concentration of intellectual vigour.

In addition to a significant domain and technology expertise and experience, QinetiQ people are pragmatic, collaborative and discreet. QinetiQ people are able to apply agility and flexibility when it come to working with clients for complex, developing programs.

QinetiQ Australia Website

Techs on Time

Techs on Time is a family owned computer/laptop sales and repair service. A Brisbane based business that provides a broad range of computer based services, both on and off site, wired and wireless. Their focus is providing an IT solution no matter what the industry.

Techs on Time Website