Memberships for ADF Members Using PMKeys Payments


  1. Log on to PMKeys self Service.  (If you can’t do this, you will need to provide your Orderly Room with the information below so they can assist you)
  2. On the left hand menu, click on ‘My Pay’, then click on ‘Allotments’
  3. Click on the yellow button ‘New’ to add a new allotment.
  4. Fill in your contact details (if blank) as shown.  Then, in the ‘New Allotment Details’ section you will need to:
    1. Nominate the start of your payments (the drop down box shows you a range of paydays to choose as your first allotment)
    2. Leave the BSB Box blank
    3. Enter the RAEF Organisation code from the drop-down list: WG0017 (‘Royal Australian Engineers Fnd’)
    4. Enter the RAEF Account number – 140072
    5. Enter your Account Name details
    6. Nominate the amount deducted from each pay after your starting date.
  5. Contact RAE to inform us of your allotment and get your Membership access details.

Your allotment will then be deducted from the start date you nominated. To change your allotment details, follow the above process within PMkeys, making the changes as necessary.