Royal Australian Engineer Associations

There are a number of RAE unit Associations keeping former and current Sappers in touch. Contact details for these are:


17 Const Sqn Association   

Contact 17 Const Sqn Assoc

NT Engineer Association  

NT Engineer Association


WA RAE Association  

WA RAE Association

Contact WA RAE Assoc
 QLD Sappers Association  

Contact QLD Sappers Asso

QLD Sappers Association  

QLD SPR Association 

Contact QLD Sappers Assoc

RAE Association South Australia


Tunnel Rats  

Tunnel Rats 

Contact Tunnel Rats

Victorian Engineer Association  

Contact Victoria Engineer Assoc

21 Construction Regiment Association

Contact 21 Const Regt Assoc.

 14 Fd Sqn Association

Contact 14 Fd Sqn Assoc

NSW Sappers Association  

Contact NSW SPR Assoc

NSW Survey Association

NSW Survey Assoc

Contact NSW Survey Assoc


President/Editor EX-Fortuna Survey  association 

Contact Ex-Fortuna Survey Assoc