Warrior Workforce Program

Warrior Workforce is a partnership between Industry the Corps to provide training and employment opportunities to our Sappers who are no longer able to serve in the military, as a result of wounds or injury.

Warrior Workforce seeks to identify potential employment and skills development opportunities in the private sector for Sappers who have been medically discharged from service. The individual skills and aptitudes of Sappers in the program will be matched with industry needs and opportunities, so that the right people are provided with the most appropriate training or employment opportunities.

The Program is directed towards supporting our Warriors through a re-skilling training environment. Ideally, it will embrace existing training programs within an organisation that can offer employment at the successful completion of the training.

Although the program is not restricted to engineering related organisations, the unique skills of Sappers may lead to wider opportunities within engineering-related organisations. Nonetheless, the Foundation encourages any interested organisation to show their support by entering into this partnership.

In close cooperation with the Foundation, industry partners could provide wounded and injured Sappers with opportunities to realise their post-service potential. Industry would benefit from gaining motivated and skilled employees with considerable skills and abilities.

Organisations interested in developing this partnership program can contact the Foundation via the contacts page for more information.

Warrior Workforce Partners

QinetiQ Australia

QintetiQ is a leading provider of impartial engineering and technical services services to Australia's Defence Community. Underpinned by leading technology services and solutions to defence, mining, energy and aviation; few companies posses such a concentration of intellectual vigour.

In addition to a significant domain and technology expertise and experience, QinetiQ people are pragmatic, collaborative and discreet. QinetiQ people are able to apply agility and flexibility when it come to working with clients for complex, developing programs.

QinetiQ Australia Website

Techs on Time

Techs on Time is a family owned computer/laptop sales and repair service. A Brisbane based business that provides a broad range of computer based services, both on and off site, wired and wireless. Their focus is providing an IT solution no matter what the industry.

Techs on Time Website