The Monash Program

The Monash Program is named after General Sir John Monash, who was appointed to command the Australian Corps in June 1918. General Monash led his Australians through a series of victorious actions until the end of the First World War and was regarded as one of, if not the most successful British Empire commanders of that war. He was also a renowned civil engineer and a forceful spokesman for returned soldiers after WWI.

The Monash Program provides grants, interest free loans, referrals to agencies and other forms of welfare support for Sappers and their families affected by the tragedies of military service.

The Program focuses on supporting our wounded beyond that provided by government and other agencies. We also look to support the dependants of those Sappers killed or wounded in the service of their nation.

Monash Program Recipients

  • SPR Jim Kane (SME) – received funding support for emergency travel to extended family during a time of family crisis and death that wouldn't otherwise have been funded.

  • Tom Florence, the son of MAJ Brian Florence (dec) had the purchase of a computer funded when he commenced university studies. Tom is counted by DVA as a war orphan, but the RAE Foundations was able to support where other agencies could not.

  •  SPR Daniel Jackson (3 CER) received funding to purchase door handles and other devices in his home to assist his mobility. Daniel was wounded in mortar attack in MEAO, losing part of his hand. The modifications were installed by 3 CER.

  • CPL Aaron Rankin (SME) received funds to support family medical expenses, noting that the family had already paid expenses of around $20,000 to date. This support was delivered through the Foundation’s partnership with Interlink Roads.

  • The Foundation has also funded instances of family travel to visit Sappers undergoing medical treatment.