Who Can Contribute?

The Royal Australian Engineers Foundation welcomes individual and corporate contributions. Your donations will help the Foundation to continue current programs and develop future programs as the need arises.

Military Engineering touches many aspects of Australian life and industry. In times of natural disaster, Sappers are often at the forefront of disaster relief efforts for the community. Given the nature of the Sapper’s tasks, the Corps’ links with industry run deep with many Sappers continuing their engineer-related work in the private sector after their military service.

The RAE Foundation encourages the involvement of Australian industry and the wider community to support and give back to those in the Sapper family who need help beyond the ability of various government and community organisations.

There are a wide range of ways to support the RAE Foundation's work financially, including:

  • Make a Donation - Make a one time tax deductible donation under $500.
  • Sponsorships - Make a one time tax deductible donation as a sponsorship of a member's fund raising activity for the Foundation.  If you would like to promote a sponsorship event you are involved in and intending to contribute the funds raised to the RAE Foundation, please contact us.
  • Events - Attend a Foundation event knowing that proceeds support the Foundation's activities.
  • Purchase Memorabilia - Buy commemorative items with the proceeds going to the Foundation's work.
  • Become a Member - Member's annual subscription fees provide recurring donations.  Members gain access to secure areas of this website (including a discussion forum and contact directory) and are kept updated on Foundation news and events.
  • Become a Partner - Partners make large one time or recurring tax deductible donations in excess of $500.
  • Make an Estate Bequest - Establish an Estate Bequest, a donation set aside in your personal will.