About the Foundation

In war and peace, Sappers of the Royal Australian Engineers have served this country with dedication and distinction - a tradition that continues today and into the future. 

Preserving this rich heritage, promoting the role of military engineering, and providing support to fellow Sappers, is the charter of the Royal Australian Engineers Foundation, established in 1999.

A Foundation to Preserve the Past and Build the Future

The Royal Australian Engineers Foundation is a voluntary, not for profit organisation founded by Sappers. The Foundation has five objectives.  These are to:

  • Maintain the heritage of Australia's military engineering.
  • Conduct historical research into the field of military engineering in Australia and produce written histories.
  • Assist in the welfare of the members of the Corps of Royal Australian Engineers and, in special circumstances, their dependants.
  • Support projects that will enhance the image of the Corps.
  • Encourage the pursuit of excellence in the field of military engineering.